Los impresionantes cambios de estos hombres que bajaron de peso

Ellos bajaron más de 80 kg y transformaron su apariencia física. Algunos son figuras fit de las redes sociales.

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A propósito del cambio extremo del actor, Johan Hill, quien bajó más de 30 Kg, les mostramos algunos de los asombrosos casos de superación y pérdida de peso exitosa, mediante una vida ligada al deporte y la buena alimentación.

Estos son solo algunos de los hombres que cambiaron radicalmente su apariencia.


When working towards health and fitness goals, I always tell my clients that 50% of the battle is initially making that conscious effort to change and the other 50% is maintaining these objectives long term, which can be a real challenge. It's not uncommon for people to get inpatient as they are not seeing the results they would like quickly enough so they just give up completely at the first hurdle. Speaking from experience, getting in shape is like a snowball effect ️. The better the results, the more motivated and determined you are to carry on bettering yourself. The initial stages can seem exasperating at times but I promise, if you stick with it, you will reap the rewards. #nevergiveup

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Durante casi dos años, Mark Ludlow bajó más 60kg y ahora por medio de su vida sana, se desempeña como entrenador fitness personal. Cuando era más pequeño sufría de burlas de sus compañeros de escuela a causa de su sobrepeso, lo que le provocó una depresión grave y un trastorno de ansiedad.


3 years ago Today I took my last sip from the bottle. 3 years ago Today was the last time I chose to escape my problems momentarily to only return to the same problems even bigger. 3 years ago Today my family relationships were shattered due to selfish decisions and I had very little hope that I could climb out of the spirals of addiction. This journey has been far from easy but the moment #purpose kicked in, I chose to face life head on and have not turned back sense. Glory to God for penetrating my heart, and for having Grace in my life! #Redemption is a beautiful thing! Jeremiah 29:11 . . . #bodytransformation #fattofit #fat2fit #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #weightlossinspiration #fatloss #nutritionist #nolimits #nevergiveup #impossibleisnothing #bodybuildinglifestyle #obesetobeast #bodygoals #progressnotperfection #thenandnow #noexcuses #aesthetics #shredded #lifestylechange #sober #addiction #sobriety

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Noah Kingery, de 29 años, decidió cambiar su estilo de vida, dejó de beber alcohol y se convirtió en un verdadero fanático del fitness. Kingery logró bajar de peso de forma muy rápida, en tan solo 18 meses pasó de pesar 159 kilos a pesar a 73kg.


A little side by side comparison that I hope motivates and inspires you to take YOUR steps towards a helathier and fitter life. At age 38 I found myself in an obese state which included all sorts of medical conditions. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and unsuccessful attempts at daily exercise, I finally came up with my "One Step at a Time" approach that lead to my losing over 100 lbs and as I approach the age of 48 this year, i am in the best shape of my life. You can learn all about my "One Step at a Time" approach in my book "From Fat Boy to Fit Man-'A One Step at a Time'-Story of Success" available on Amazon. #motivationalmonday #elisapharti #fatboyfitman #onestepatatime #motivation #inspiration #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #instafit #running #ripped #physique #fitfam #fitlife #fitdads #fitmoms #igfit #igfitness #transformation #weightloss #nutrition #muscles #hiit #cardio #consistency #weightlifting #bodybuilding #fitspo

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 En 2008 Eli Sapharti pesaba 136 kg razón que ayudó a terminar su matrimonio, debido a los constantes episodios de depresión que sufría. Ahora, tras cuatro años de ejercicio y dieta, pesa 82 kilos y comparte con gusto sus experiencias con todos sus seguidores de Instagram.

 Ross Gardner decidió cambiar su vida tras un acto de descortesía de una aerolínea que le dijo que comprara dos tiquetes por su tamaño. Ahora pesa 89kg y bajó cerca de 90 kg, se convirtió en quiropráctico, y les ayuda a las personas que necesitan bajar de peso.



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Rick Snowdon, debido a su peso, era un chico tímido y tenía una adicción a los postres. Su peso era de 165 kilos. Cuando el joven aprendió a tocar la guitarra, reemplazó con la música su gusto por el azúcar, bajando de esta manera alrededor de la mitad de su peso corporal. Ahora es un músico bastante famoso en su país natal.

Nathan Priestley pesaba más de 165 kilos, cuando solo tenía 18 años, lo que lo acomplejaba al punto de querer suicidarse. Dos años después de ese momento, el peso de Nathan, gracias a un trabajo duro, bajó a 88 kilos. Hoy Priestley arregló su vida y trabaja como instructor de fitness.


Sometimes it's just the simple things!! Like driving a car with out my belly hitting the wheel, or going out to dinner and fitting in a booth, or maybe just bending down to tie my shoe, or even to shop somewhere besides a big and tall store, are just looking in the mirror and being proud of who I see! There's a million and one things that have changed in my everyday life besides my Appearance and health! sometimes it's the small things and being able to do everyday activities that mean the most when I was 600lbs I couldn't do a lot of things that I'm able to now!! Losing weight is hard trust me I know but being obese is an even more difficult challenge with no benefits! The choice is yours you can decided right now if you really want to make the change!! Go to my website and download your free meal guide if you need some help to get started link in my bio #anythingspossible #possiblepat #transformation #sundays #weightloss #weightlossjourney #transformforlife #workharder #getstarted #nodaysoff #fitfam #fitness #fatloss #gym #focused #teambodybuildingcom

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